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Image by Mathieu Stern

1:1 "Soul Truth" Manifestation Session

Sessions are tailored to your Soul style and vision!  They are designed to help you feel into and embody your Heart's deepest desires. To expand beyond self-limiting beliefs and take aligned action. To trust your inner authority and embrace the power and magic inside you. To surrender control, to have fun and play whilst co-creating with the Universe.

This is for you if...

~ You DESIRE change  in any area of your life that doesn’t feel amazing to you.

~ You simply know there is MORE to this life than what you are currently experiencing.

~ You are so READY to step deeper into your personal power and manifest your dreams!

These sessions support you to… 

~ Remember your Authentic Soul Truth.

Tap into your Intuition + deeply Trust your Inner Voice.

~ Embody your Soul Desires + Unwavering Self Worth +  Divine Deservingness to receive these Desires.

~ Step into your Unique Gifts, Magic and Power as The Sovereign Leader of your own life.  

~ Own your Fullest, most Magnetic Expression and integrate this on a Mind, Body and Soul level. 

~ Release subconscious fears + energetic blocks and heal nervous system dysregulation that hold you back from aligning with your Truth and going after your dreams.

~ Embrace your birthright to co-create with the Universe, manifest and receive the life that is meant for you.

Tools and practices that will support your transformation within this container: 

~ Embodiment rituals including dance

~ Movement practices to target postural + energetic balance

~ Breathwork 

~ Sound release

~ Working with nature + the elements

~ Guided meditations + visualisation

~ Healing massage for stored tissue trauma 

~ Subconscious reprogramming 

~ Nervous system regulation  + vagus nerve toning practices

~ Lifestyle practices; nutrition, movement, stress cycle, self-care 

~ Inner child reconnection, healing + integration

~ Shadow healing + integration 

~ Mirror work 

~ Guided Journal prompts 

~ Personalised Affirmations

~ Energy healing (Reiki) + chakra opening & balancing 

~ Tarot guidance to assist tapping into intuition  

~ Exploring your unique astrology and / or Human Design 

Connecting to your body's wisdom and natural rhythms is integral to you expressing Your Unique Magic. You will find more flow with your health care routines and embrace your most authentic body shape.  It will open you up to experience more pleasure, deepen your intuitive abilities, enhance your ability to FEEL as well as own your creative +  sexual energy.

1 hr - $155

1 hr  x  3 - $456

1 hr  x  6 - $888

Available online (via Zoom) or in person (Sydney, Aus).

To best support you over time in your transformation, I recommend investing in a package option for 3 or more sessions.

"Soul Truth' Manifestation Session: Feature
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