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Chakra Alignment Course

This is a transformative journey through the realm of the 7 main chakras. This course is packed with 7 video modules that guide you through visualization meditations, embodied movement, and sensuality practices, empowering you to intuitively activate and align your chakras. The Chakra Alignment Course offers: - Tools to realign with your most authentic self, fostering empowerment and worthiness. - Techniques to calm and regulate the nervous system for inner peace. - Deepening connections to the body, sensuality, and creativity. - Releasing unprocessed emotions and trauma from the body and subconscious mind. - Awakening life force energy (Chi) and establishing a connection to Universal energy. - Cultivating joy, pleasure, passion, love, and peace in everyday life. - Encouraging confident expression of one's unique soul essence and individuality. - Enhancing intuition, trust, and flow in daily experiences. Moreover, the practices we will delve into extend beyond personal healing; they have the potential to heal ancestral lineages, spanning seven generations both forward and backward, as well as addressing past-life karma. See you inside xx



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