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Energy Healing - Reiki

Reiki is a powerful yet simple and natural healing modality. It is used to enhance your body's life vitality (Chi) and restore balance to the energy flow through your body's energetic centers (Chakras) and energetic field around your body (Aura).  

Clearing energetic blocks and stagnation allows for emotional, mental and physical healing to occur. Stuck emotions, belief patterns, built up stress and trauma are released via this gentle technique. This creates space for re-calibration of the nervous system and return of the natural energy flow through your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. 

When your energy flows freely you play with life rather than resist it. You experience clarity of the Mind, balance in the Body and freedom of the Soul.  Reiki is one way to restore energetic balance, helping You to remember and be Your Authentic, Divine Self.

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1 hr - $111

Available in person and online (via Zoom)

1:1 "Soul Truth" Manifestation Session

These sessions support you to Manifest a physical reality you are IN LOVE with (the one that was intended for you). You will be guided to re-connect to Your True Soul Self and Power.

You will learn how to: feel into Heart's deepest desires, trust Your Intuition and Inner Authority, expand beyond self-limiting beliefs, embody Your Authentic Expression, take Aligned Action, surrender Control and deeply trust your deservingness and ability to co-create with the Universe.

If your current beliefs (mind) and nervous system (body) are not in Alignment with Your True Soul Expression this needs to be "re-programmed' and we will do this via visualisations, meditations, reiki, grounding practices, breathwork, creative journaling, personalised exercise, intuitive eating, sensual self-care, juicy embodiment and dance rituals.

Manifesting from Your Truth means that you are in Alignment with Your Divine Soul Path. This is Co-creating with the Universe and living in Flow, Fulfilment, Excitement, Love, Pleasure, Joy and Abundance. 

To best support you over time with this process, I recommend investing in a package option for 3 or more sessions. 

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1 hr - $155

1 hr  x  3 - $456

1 hr  x  6 - $888

Available in person and online (via Zoom)

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