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 Integrative Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy utilises the sciences of movement and anatomy to pinpoint the physical root cause of injury or pain in the body and restore it's optimised function.

I am trained in Connect Therapy ( developed by Dr. Linda-Joy Lee) which focuses on how the different regions and systems of the body are connected.  As well as how as humans, our body, mind, emotions and social circumstances are connected. 

Assessment using this method looks at the patient as a whole person to identify the most relevant influences on their current state of injury and health. This clinical reasoning process facilitates the design of more integrated and efficient treatment programs.  

I use a balance of hands-on manual therapy as well as movement and exercise therapy in my treatment approach.  I incorporate my experience as an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor in designing personalised rehabilitation programs and delivering one on one workouts for my clients!

1 hr -  $155 (Initial)

45 mins - $133

30 mins - $88

Private Health rebates available

Available in person and online ( via Zoom)

Integrative Physiotherapy: Features
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